Welcome to Chilean Poker Tour 2011!  This is a site dedicated to all things Poker but most especially to the 2011 Chile Poker Tour, which was an exclusive members-only tour for players at Crazy Vegas Casino, which also kindly sponsored the event. (Thanks, Crazy Vegas!)  As you may have guessed we think that Poker is pretty great, and we will tell you a bit about our favourite game, before taking a closer look at Crazy Vegas Casino so that you can decide whether it’s your kind of online casino (it certainly is ours!).  If you like living a life of adventure, it’s a safe and insanely fun place to play.


But most importantly, we are going to chronicle our Poker Tour.  Poker tours are always entertaining: all the world’s best players face off in a true test of skill and strategy to claim a prize that is often high in the millions. There is always a lot to see, from outrageous hats and huge sunglasses to dramatic bluffs and unexpected wins: watching Poker Tournaments is tremendous fun.


This tour was an exciting and thrilling enterprise where players get to test their Poker mettle and we certainly got to see some truly memorable plays.  In our Tour section we’ll look at the grand Chilean casinos visited during the tour, the most prominent tour members and their respective poker plays. It was an exhibition of true Poker skill and the extent of the psychology necessary to win the ultimate prize.

One thing’s for sure, it certainly was a spectacle!