A journey through the best casinos in Chile

The 2011 Chile Poker Tour took place at some the best Chilean casinos, lending the appropriate element of glamour and fun. The event opened at the beautiful and upmarket Monticello Grand Casino which boasts great service and spectacular valley views. The casino is well known for hosting events and shows.  The next stop of the tournament took place at the Casino & Resort in Viña del Mar, which has previously hosted Latin American Poker tours. Finally, the tournament came to a grand and memorable close at the Marina del Sol casino.

Now let’s take a look at some of the more prominent players:


Wendy Watson is a very promising new face in the Poker world, headed straight for the World series! The tenacious student and self-proclaimed ,lover of comic books, Watson joined the ranks of female Poker champions. By her own words, she has been playing Poker since childhood and had always had a good hear for strategy. With an excellent Poker face, she took an aggressive loose approach to her play, combined with impeccable strategy.

Percy Blakeney is an expert bluffer, and the grand finale was an exciting face-off between Blakeney and Watson. Blakeney is a tight player, who plays his cards close to his chest.  His strategy of choice is the semi-bluff.

Andrew Ffolkes is a well-known Welsh Poker writer and WSOP veteran – his strategy, based on the Sandwich effect make him a strong contender in any game.

Christopher Rodriguez, 2009 EPT Poker first prize winner, was back in full swing with his lightning-fast change of strategy, floral-print shirts and big cow-boy hat. Rodriguez is all about putting on a show for the audience, and is easily one of the Poker world’s favourites.

Lacey Thornfield is another savvy newcomer. Thornfield has a very good sense of probability and an excellent instinct for reading what her fellow players may do next and when to switch her strategy to the check-raise.

Eric Desplat – this veteran has been in Poker for over twenty years and you can tell as he handles the game with a cool had and an unexpectedly aggressive, strategy.

And these are only some to the strong Poker contenders we had play this tournament!