What is Poker?

Poker is a very old game, invented in 19th century America, and it has been continuously popular all the way to the modern day. It has now become a widely televised spectator sport.  Winning a modern Poker tournament comes with heaps of prestige in the Poker world. The game has many different variations, of which Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular and widely played. It is also popular to play a combination game which mixes rules and strategies from various different varieties of Poker. Despite the many different variants seen across the family of Poker games, the objective remains the same: to build the strongest five-card hand possible. The hierarchy of cards in Poker is based on the rarity of drawing each: this hierarchy remains important no matter what version of the game you are playing.

Today, Poker is played amongst groups of friends, in casino, in tournaments where the prize can go well into the millions and, most recently, as online Poker at different online casinos. The number of players at live games can vary from two to nine, and the game is always played in a clockwise direction. It’s important to know the order of play so that you don’t confuse the other players, and because seating order is strategically important. Betting strategy varies across different Poker games.

Every Poker game begins with a forced bet (known as a blind or an ante): this is done so that all the players have a stake in the game. As the game proceeds, each player must match the previous bet or fold.  This is the time when some players resort of bluffing strategy to make out their hand to be better than it is.  Poker is a game where psychology and strategy are just as important as skill, and the best Poker players are always extremely proficient at reading their fellow players!