Alex Spencer Wins the 2014 Sky Poker UK Poker Championships Main Event


2014 Sky PokerAfter a hotly contested championship, Alex Spencer from Doncaster took home the 2014 Sky Poker Championship Main Event title. He emerged with victory in the 1,100 pounds buy-in tournament on Sunday, confirming his place as a rising star in the game.

With a 125,000 pound first prize on the line, along with a 15,000 pound tournament special, Spencer will be delighted with his achievements. Not only did he win the event, but he had gone into the final day having dominated the previous days of play as well. At only 24 years of age, it is clear that Spencer is one to watch out for, and he is set to take the poker world by storm in the coming years.

Going into the final day, which was televised on Sky, Spencer had a lead of over 2 million chips to Danny Blair. However, the contest was far from over at that point. There were many great players on the final table, such as Paul Delaney, Charles Chattha and John Haigh.

Final Day’s Action:

John Haigh was the first to exit, with only three hands played in the day. The move started when Deborah O’Connell raised 130,000 and Steven Sargent re-shoved. This lead to Haigh calling, yet only coming up with a Ace and Six. Sargent won the round and Haigh exited.

Allan Graham was the next to fall, again falling into Sargent’s trap. Graham raised to 135,000 in this move, and was in a direct fight with Sargent. Unfortunately for him, a Ace,King combination was not enough to defeat the Ace,9 that Sargent had, due to the 9,7,6 that were on the table. The river did Graham no favors, and he was gone.

There was more drama in between, but we were left with a final face off between Spencer and Danny Blair. Spencer had a 13.8 million to 4.8 million advantage over Blair, which was always going to make it very difficult for the eventual runner up.

Blair came up with a spirited performance, getting level with Spencer and even edging ahead at one point. However, a couple of rounds shifted the momentum back in Spencer’s favor, and he never looked back. He sealed the win just before midnight, with Blair going all and losing despite a Q,Q hand.