Beginner’s Guide Different Types of Poker

One of the most popular card games of all time, poker is played both professionally and for recreation. You can play poker by yourself, but it is better if you have at least three players for a match. All you need for the game is a good deck of cards (or several, depending on the number of players). Poker has several variations, and some of the most popular ones are:


  • Straight poker: This is the oldest poker game. In this poker type, each player is dealt a complete hand and is allowed to bet. The player with the highest valued cards is the winner. Players can raise their betting amount several times in each game.
  • Stud poker: The game has several rounds and the cards given to the players can be either face-up or face-down. Two stud poker games that are still played in casinos across the world are the ‘seven card’ and ‘five card’ stud games. In the seven card stud, the players are dealt seven cards and the winner is the one who has five of the best cards. In the five card stud, the players are dealt five cards and the one with the highest value hand in the end wins the game.
  • Draw poker: In this game, the plPokerayers are allowed to view their poker cards only after all the cards have been dealt. They can discard their cards and pick up another card from the draw pile. The game has several betting rounds, and the player with the highest value cards in a hand is the winner. The most commonly played draw poker game is the five card draw.
  • Community card poker: In this variant, some cards are dealt face-up on the board to be shared by all players, and some cards are dealt to them individually. The most popular types of community card poker games are Texas hold ’emandOmaha. The winner of these games can be the player with the highest or the lowest hand, depending on the rules.


All types of poker games are both easy to play and addictive. If you get the opportunity to be a part of a poker game, don’t miss it! It is sure to be an unforgettable experience.