Bloom Trial Approaches: Will Courts Sentence High-Stakes Hostess?


Molly BloomThis December authorities caught up with high-stakes gambling hostess, Molly Bloom, as they busted an underground ring of illegal gambling proceedings. Bloom negotiated betting and poker games for the most elite amongst our society. As her trial date of April 30th approaches, the question of whether or not she will be sentenced is fresh on the minds of those in the gambling and poker world.

What started out as a fraudulent sports betting scheme of international proportions eventually became a simple domestic high-stakes poker ring. Bloom confessed that she got her start in illegal gambling as part of a network of Russian-American sports betting pools that were heavily catered toward the richest residents Russia had to offer. When this eventually became too risky as more and more red flags began to be raised and allegations flew, Bloom seemed to turn over a new leaf. She reportedly had given up gambling and signed a book deal to tell her story about the time she spent in this underground world.

It would seem, however, that the young woman didn’t stay away from the gambling circuits for very long. It wasn’t too long before off shores accounts were able to be tracked to a series of high-stakes poker games that she had been arranging. While the actual arrangement of the games was not an issue or in any way illegal, her profiting from the promotion of these games certainly was.

Prior to her move to New York City, Bloom lived in Los Angeles, California, on the West Coast of the United States, where she capitalized on the Hollywood stars with money to spare. Stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck have been linked to her games. After her time in LA, Bloom moved her operation to New York City to take advantage of Wall Streets most successful men and women. It was here that she was ultimately caught up with and brought up on charges for her crimes. Others who have been involved in similar crimes have been sentenced to up to 18 months in prison in recent years. Bloom faces up to six months behind bars, herself, and her trial date is set for April 30th. After her hearing upon being arrested and charged in December, she refused to comment to reporters, and has continued with her silence ever since.