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mobilegamingdownloadMobile gaming is the next frontier for a huge number of gaming companies. Abzorba Games is making a firm place in this future with their recent releases that are bringing mobile gamers cutting-edge experiences. Abzorba’s casino titles for the mobile platform finished off the year in an extremely strong position, achieving a record, 3 million installs. They lead the world in most mobile gaming markets, setting the standard for just how good game play can be.

Live Blackjack 21 is one of their most popular titles to deliver excitement to Android users in multi-player fashion. This game alone was installed over 1.3 million times across the globe, allowing the company to experience a considerable amount of growth in a very short period of time. The other games to push their numbers so high came through their suite known as the Hub of Fun Casino. Each of these games all takes advantage of a cross-promotional platforms that keep players coming back for new and more exciting gaming experiences.

Abzorba Games has stated that much of their success comes strictly through their commitment to the gaming experience that is mixed with using only in-house technology. They also focus on specific gaming platforms as they move forward and create partnerships with companies such as Tango. These types of partnerships have proven to be key in raising numbers in specific markets that include the iOS App store within the United States over the past year.

Tango has also made public statements concerning the value that they place in this partnership, allowing them to have a role in reaching the number one and number four spots for the iTunes Casino Games. The high level of success has this relatively new company expanding their goals for the future. They plan on investing a considerable amount of their resources into expanding both B2B and B2C offerings. There is little doubt that they can hit their numbers when one considers the fact that they were able to increase their download numbers by one million players in just three months over the last year.