Face-up, Face-down Blackjack Demistifed In Casino UK Infographic

Smart gamblers know that Blackjack is one of the few games offered in today’s casinos that can offer the player a slight edge over the house. Doing that takes practice and study, but any duffer who sits down at the table is trying his luck at a game with the slimmest casino margin of them all. Although one does not need to know how to count cards or exactly what to do with a 16 v. a dealer 10 to have a good time, it is helpful to understand the mechanics of actually playing the game.

Fortunately, Casino UK (http://www.casinouk.com) has released a simple infographic that will have players looking like old pros as soon as they sit down at the Blackjack table. It covers both scenarios a player might encounter at the green baize.

Face-up Blackjack

There are two variants of Blackjack in casinos: One is dealt from what’s called a shoe, and those cards are delivered face-up. The other is dealt from a single or double deck in the dealer’s hand, and those are delivered face-down. The infographic shows what to do in each situation.

In the shoe variation where cards and dealt face-up, the most important thing to remember is that you should NOT touch the cards. The infographic shows that to signal to the dealer that you want a hit, players simply drag an index finger on the felt. To stand, a player need only wave a hand over the cards as shown.

Face-down Blackjack

As the infographic shows, the player picks up the cards in the face-down variation. It is important to remember to touch the cards with only ONE hand. To signal for a hit, players scrape the corner of the cards lightly on the table. Whenever it’s time to stand, the cards are placed face-down under the bet.

Casino UK explains that gaming establishments require the use of hand signals so that unambiguous instructions are given to the dealer. Another reason is that casino surveillance always needs to know visually just what is going on at the Blackjack table.

Blackjack Info Graphic

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