Isis Online Slot- June Review

Despite whatever connotations may come to mind upon the mention of the word Isis, let me start this write up by assuring all readers out there that this slot in fact derives its theme from Ancient Egypt and not the modern Middle East…

Isis Online Slot is a game themed upon the latter which may be a little more original

Isis Online Slot is a game themed upon the latter which may be a little more original, if not a tad insensitive and provocative, given the fact that there are so many slots games out there which are modelled upon something from Egypt’s rich and extremely interesting culture and history, this one does well to set itself apart from the masses of others out there which are comparable at face value.

A standard 5-reel and 25 pay line video slot, this game is an extremely fun journey around the life and times of the Ancient Egyptian people. Taking in all of the expected iconography – from mummies to amulets – the game is a lot of hijinks and good sustainable game play all at once. You can’t really ask for more!

Named after the Egyptian Goddess of magic (ten points to you if you already knew that one!), the game certainly carries with it a suitable theme. It should also be noted that this game is not without the majority of Microgaming’s standard perks. For example, there are some serious bonuses to be unearthed within this game – not to mention a great deal of game changing wilds and scatters to be found throughout the consoles rich fabric.

Some slots can prove boring after a short while as a result of their lack of commitment to winning some serious money, and of course staking some; though the same can’t be said for Isis. If ever there was an online slot for the high rollers, this is surely it!