Playing Roulette with Tiered Strategies

When playing tiered strategies in roulette games, there are options today that didn’t exist at one time. Time has brought progressive variations, miniature variations and a number of other games that are available outside the American and European games.

French roulette is considered the best. If it isn’t available, European roulette is the game to play. There are great strategies that can be utilized with the game. They let a player mix it up and change the way the game gets played.

Creating different tiers of winning combinations is a strategy that can be used so that there are more ways to win. Those familiar with the game know the evens bets. It’s odd or even, black or red with 1–18 or 19–36 being the three sets of evens bets. Utilizing this standard approach, the player needs to create tiers by placing bets of varying size on one each of the three sets of bets.3d_roulette

Operating under the idea that a player is breaking their bankroll into at least 200 units would mean making bets of one, two and three units. In other words, the strategy entails betting one unit on red, two units on odd and three units on 1–18. The concept is that there are now enough varying winning combinations. Now the player can win up to six units if all the wagers line up.

Another great advantage to this approach is that it reduces the variance of roulette by creating a difficulty for losing the entire bet. There’s a greater likelihood of winning at least one unit on so many squares. The player designs a situation where streaks are less frequent and will be shorter. The strategy ultimately means a player is unlikely to weather a storm with a bankroll that has to withstand downswings.

Like many roulette strategies, a tiered approach can be customized by a player to a large degree. A player could play on two of the evens bets using different bet sizes. They could even make all three of their bet sizes identical. With this strategy, it’s the player that decides how to play. What matters is that the player uses a tiered structure so that they are always changing up the variance of the game, creating a series of different possible payouts.

Roulette is a relatively easy game to learn. Yet, like any other game of chance, it’s the strategy that makes the difference between losing and jackpots.

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