Poker confidence

It’s important to feel confident when you play Poker. This is for several reasons.

Firstly, looking weak will single you out as easy prey to other players, and you don’t want to be the proverbial sucker at the table. This doesn’t mean you should be brash: you have to exude a calm confidence. Secondly, a lack of confidence can have a very detrimental effect on you and throw you right off your game. You won’t be as quick as you need to, and that is no way to play.

Lastly, Poker is a game of strategy and decision: you are constantly making choices and there is room for doubt. You have to pick a strategy, practise it, and you have to be sure of what you are doing. Poker is a fluid game and you can’t predict how it will go, especially if you are playing against different players all the time. This means that you have to be able to make quick, drastic, choices at the last minute to drop and adjust your strategy. You have to trust yourself – you can question, doubt and deliberate. You will make mistakes, but you can’t expect to every step of the way.