Poker’s Potential Revealed


Poker playerAlthough poker is a system that has had an established presence in the world of gaming all across the globe for decades, it is constantly transforming itself and operating using new platforms when it comes to online play. One of the latest innovations is coming to the gaming world courteous of the founder of BustOut Poker Apparel, Jeff Griffith. His unique take on the classic game is called MMA Bet Club. This new way of gaming is combining the structure of traditional tournaments with the fantasy card style and parlay betting that has made other games popular on many of the well-established gaming sites around the globe. It also incorporates dimensions of betting on sporting events as well that have remained popular such as Martial Arts matches.

The Potential in Poker

The game is yet to be fully revealed in all of its glorious details, however, the results are being highly anticipated. Long-time leaders in the industry have been discussing the potential of Griffith’s idea in terms of addressing a part of the gaming industry that has been long neglected. It is expected to take the idea of bidding during live events to a whole new level of excitement. There are many top people in the industry who are backing the potential that this poker system has in store. Eric Morris, founder of Bluff magazine, was enthusiastic based on the fact that poker has such large potential when it comes to cross-over markets. The combination of poker and a sports betting platform will nearly double the interest of potential players.

Spreading the Word

Randy Kasper, founder of Poker Players International, was more than willing to voice his opinion on the limitless potential that he sees in the new system being rolled out by BustOut Poker Apparel. The poker game has been in the works since 2009, slowly being refined in anticipation of a huge release. The game was just recently granted its patent, and the industry feedback at presentations across the nation have further drummed up excitement. Jeff Griffith is continuing to promote his game in establishments across the country, and players are anxiously waiting on the edge of their seats.