Sticking it out with Poker

When Poker becomes a profession, you have to practice all the time, and read about it, and watch it. Basically, you’ll be living and breathing Poker all the time. It’s the only way to get good. The thing is that it will quickly get boring.

You’ll enjoy getting better of course, but eventually you’ll feel like you’ve already seen all the plays and card combinations, and this is very dangerous because it means you’ll stop paying attention.  Losing interest can be fatal for your career. The trick lies in finding something to interest you all the time – a way to keep challenging yourself so that you don’t lose your love of the game.

There are many ways to do this: hone your ability to read people by closely watching the other players (learn their tells expression and weaknesses but also assess their game and how you would improve it), focus on the finer nuances of the game which you might not otherwise have notice. This is not only interesting but will make you an even better player. You can also try and improve the weaker aspects of your game – think of solutions and exercises.