The psychology of Poker

By Harry von Schlussel

Poker is a game of psychology, but you don’t just apply it to other players.You have to apply it to yourself, too.

You have to be able to analyse your own state of mind and understand that no one plays in the zone all the time – it’s impossible to always keep up for best game and it’s impossible to win every time.

As you improve, so will your standards of what it means to play at a high level, and you will keep pushing yourself more. This can be a good thing, but you have to be wary of unrealistic expectations.

To keep your game consistent, it’s important to keep a firm control on your mental game – keep out distractions, boredom, anxiety and doubt.

Butbrain no one can do that all the time and sometimes they sneak in. You have to be as aware of your mistakes as possible to avoid repeating them and, even worse, making them a habit – this takes constant concentration, and again some mistakes will slip through. Always mentally prepare yourself to play your best – if it helps develop a mental ‘warm up’ routine.