Two Sports Legends to Face Off in a Poker Match Up


PokerStars has always been known for attracting the most famous celebrities as brand ambassadors. Two of their ambassadors, tennis player Rafael Nadal and football icon Ronaldo, will be facing off in an exciting poker match up in November. Nadal, who is second in the all-time tennis grand slam lists, will face off against Brazilian World Cup winner Ronaldo. The match up is being called “The Duel”.

The game will be played in London but broadcast live through the PokerStars website for everyone to enjoy. This is the second time the two players will meet in a poker setting, but it will be their first one on one match up. Nadal and Ronaldo first played each other at a charity poker tournament in Prague. The tournament included five other players and was won by professional poker player Daniel Negreanu.

Nadal had this to say on the upcoming match up: “I am very excited to play against Ronaldo. He is a legend and a good friend. I think I will have a better time as compared to my last live event, which was not so good. I am more experienced at poker now.”

In the lead up to this game, Nadal will also take part in a PokerStars event where he plays against different players from around the world. The game will be staged on the PokerStars app, and Nadal will play in different six man tables throughout the course of the day.

This is what Ronaldo had to say on their upcoming duel: “I am very excited to play against Rafa again. It was my idea that we have a rematch, after he did slightly better than me in Prague. I think we will both be better this time, having had a year to improve our games and work on strategy.”